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Sport at "Our Kids"

The Centre for Children in Need is a perfect place for sports. We have created a special environment for proper physical and athletic development of both the children and their caregivers. We encourage and motivate children to do sports, be engaged in various sports activities, look after their own health, and do physical exercises. At "Our Kids" Centre we love sport! That is why each year we launch different sports initiatives.


Project Initiative 2017

"Sport to All Kids"


Our Centre is happy to announce its new special project "Sport to All Kids"! We are launching the project in September 2017 and we are now looking for volunteers. If you are a certified trainer, coach or athlete, who is ready to volunteer with children from "Our Kids" Centre, if you have spare time during the week, if you promote sport and healthy lifestyle, please apply here.


Main idea

The main idea is to encourage and motivate children from our centre and the community to do sports by involving certified trainers, coaches of different sports and athletes, who are ready to volunteer, promote sport and healthy lifestyle. 

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Various trainers have already started volunteering at our Centre. You still have a chance to join the team!


Roller-skating with Mark Pustovit



Zumba with Polina Yakovenko


Our Sponsor


Our Project Initiative Manager:

Oleksandr Kushch
Therapist, physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor, nutritionist and coach

Anna Rozvadovska
 Zumba Trainer

Artem Tykhonenko
 Certified fitness instructor

Serhii Iatsenko
Wrestling Coach


Project Initiative 2016

"Sport is Our Choice"


Main idea

Creating an environment conducive to comprehensive physical, creative and sporting development of the children and their caregivers living at the Centre for Children in need "Our Kids". The main idea is to encourage and motivate children to take up sport, look after their own health, and engage in physical activities over bad habits.

Project pre-requisites

To promote children’s sport, the Centre intends to invite professional coaches, sports advisors, and nutritionists who will provide guidance to the children during organised exercises and training activities. Every coach and advisor will work with children in groups of three to ten according to age as well as individually depending on the children’s needs.

Professional coaches, like no other, can motivate the children to take up sports and exercise and explain the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and maintaining their own physical and mental health.

The nutritionist will provide the caregivers with advice on a healthy diet, prescribe a diet for the entire family, and motivate the children to choose only healthy and quality foods.

Rehabilitation coaches will provide a professional health assessment of the children and then individually address their physical health problems. Individual rehabilitation programmes will be developed for the children who need them. Such programmes may involve taking up a particular sport or specific exercise routine.


The Our Kids Centre has its own outdoor sports ground suitable for football, basketball, roller hockey, volleyball, roller skating, and badminton, two gyms equipped with gymnastics bars, a ping-pong (table tennis) table, weights, balls, etc., and a small football pitch.


Under this initiative, the Our Kids Centre first and foremost aims to promote its children’s physical and cultural development, health, and psychosocial rehabilitation.

Another mission of the project is to implement the provisions of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, particularly Article 29 on ‘the development of the child’s personality, talents and mental and physical abilities to their fullest potential,’ and Article 31 on ‘the right of the child to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child and to participate freely in cultural life and the arts.’

Goals of the project

  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle among children
  • Offering an opportunity to engage in favourite sports
  • Getting advice on healthy and quality foods
  • Rehabilitation of the children with physical health problems
  • Assessing the children’s physical condition
  • Bringing in professional coaches and nutritionists to work with the children
  • Promoting children’s rights in line with the UN Convention
  • Uncovering the children’s talents in sports

Issues that the project may help address

  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle among children and adolescents;
  • Addressing health problems of children facing vulnerabilities;
  • Lack of motivation in children to engage in physical activities;
  • Lack of sports grounds in the neighbourhood around the Our Kids Centre;
  • Lack of opportunities for children to work individually with professional coaches;
  • Children’s need to meet the adults who have succeeded in arts or sports;
  • Managing children’s free time;
  • Stress and anxiety experienced by children.

Looking back at the past years, we see that our kids have learned and achieved a lot. Of course, it was not without some difficulties. There were ups and downs, however, this made our children stronger. They had lots of victories and learned new and inspiring things!

Sport is the key to success, beauty and health, as well as start of the day. Sport teaches discipline and teamwork. It promotes health and helps to make new acquaintances and friendships. We promote sports activities among our children. It is an integral part of the educational process.

Indeed, there were many sport activities and workships for our children. The kids especially liked Zumba classes, roller-skating and hockey. They repeatedly participated in various concerts, flash mobs and competitions. Due to the hard work developing their talents, they not only took part in different events but also achieved very good results. Our kids do not stop and are ready to continue to have new victories.

We are very proud of our kids and their achievements. We always support them and help them to develop their potential. We believe that our children will continue to strive to win and achieve new goals.

Our partners


Our Donors


Valüna Foundation, Liechtenstein

Promotor Foundation, Liechtenstein

Our Coaches:

Vasyl Vasylenko
Inline-Skater Hockey Coach

Serhii Bulenok
Roller-skating Coach

Anna Rozvadovska
 Zumba Trainer

Serhii Iatsenko
Wrestling Coach