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Mobile Youth Work

Programme on Mobile Youth Work

This is an international project aimed at in-depth analysis of the basic needs of children, youths and families facing vulnerabilities. The Dnipro District of Kyiv was chosen to host the pilot project with a view to developing a Ukraine-specific social work model to be used at district, city, regional, and national levels.

Topical subjects

Three training sessions are planned to be held for employees of public and non-governmental human rights institutions for children and their families in the Dnipro District of Kyiv during eighteen months from September 2014 to February 2016. The main topics for discussion will include street-based youth work, social environment analysis, and methods and models of mobile social work with children, youths and families facing vulnerabilities. Upon completion of the project, the ISMO and the Structural Subdivision of the German-Polish-Ukrainian Society in Ukraine will issue certificates authorising participants to practice as experts in social work with children, youths and families facing vulnerabilities and attesting a European level of professional qualification.

Activities schedule

December 2014 Training session 1 ‘Street-based youth work’. Programme
March 2015 Training session 2 ‘Social area analysis’. Programme
June 2015 Training session 3 ‘Mobile work with community’. Programme
February 2016 Presentation of printed reading materials developed based on the results of the training sessions


Our Partners

International Society for Mobile Youth Work National Pedagogical Dragomanov University Dnipro District State Administration in Kyiv State Institute for Family
and Youth Policy


Our Sponsor

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