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Film Production Workshop with Oksana Kazmina


During the workshop, the kids had an opportunity to learn about the practical aspects of motion picture production. Under the guidance of their supervisor and other film production professionals including screenwriters, cameramen, and art directors involved in the workshop, the kids chose the topics for their films, wrote screenplays, drew storyboards, and then shot and edited their videos.


  • Learn about different film formats, genres and filmmaking techniques*;
  • Learn about the entire film production cycle;
  • Master the Final Cut and After Effect software;
  • Produce own films;
  • Attend various screening events and visit production studios and museums.

* Film genres: feature film, documentary, music video, commercial, experimental video, etc.
  Techniques: animation, collaging, stop motion, motion design, etc.

Expected results:

By the end of the workshop, each participant had produced his/her own short film. All films were made into one compilation film that had been shown on a big screen to the kids, their foster carers, and visitors of the Centre. These films had also been shown at film festivals and other screening events.   

Film topics:

The kids could choose the film topics themselves or pick from the ones suggested by their supervisor. 

The plan was for the kids to shoot films portraying either themselves or their friends at the Centre and telling their own stories about who they are, what they like, what inspires them, what they aspire to become, and how they see their future.

Another option was to make a film about a theatre play and the performers. Each director could pick a certain performer film him/her during and in between rehearsals and later on the stage.

Workshop structure

Two classes per week

  1. Theory and film screenings during which the kids learned about the history of film, various genres of feature and documentary films, and other film formats such as music videos,  commercials, experimental video, video poetry, etc. The purpose of theory classes was to help the participants generate ideas for film topics, discuss their format and structure, comment on newly shot footage, etc. 
  2. Practical classes during which the kids learned to shoot and edit their videos themselves. Outside the classes, the kids were also given home assignments, i.e. shoot some specific footage for their films. Once a month, the kids also made field trips to the movies, attended discussions, visited the Television Museum, etc.


Oksana Kazmіna, film director


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